Earning the affection and trust of my chestnut mare Lexi is one of the greatest rewards I could ever experience. She is not easy and she makes you work for it – but when she nickers and walks over to me as I arrive at her paddock – my heart swells.

She was just five when we partnered as a team. That was two years ago. We’ve had quite a journey thus far. I’ve had to learn to trust her, and she me. We’re learning each others quirks and faults, weaknesses and strengths, and how to communicate and work as a team.

There’s been moments of utter elation and exhilaration- and moments of total vulnerability and near defeat. Developing our relationship has been one of the greatest challenges and most rewarding experiences of my life.

She has such personality, and I admire her character. She’s intelligent, strong minded and independent- but equally willing and loving if given patience and respect.

She is my partner, my teacher, my confidant, my peace, my joy. She embodies Love and Dreams.

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