Getting to know my mare Lexi is truly one of my life’s greatest joys. She’s like one of those people who shows their every thought and emotion on their face as they have it, though hers displays through a series of body language that I’m finally learning to read. I love her honesty. She’s such a character. We have our struggles but it only makes our good days that much sweeter. She can be sensitive, sweet, responsive, willing and sassy, lazy, annoyed, then silly, goofy and funny all within minutes of each other. She keeps me on my toes. One moment she makes me feel like we can accomplish anything, then the next she challenges me, completely humbles me and tests my resolve. She makes me laugh, fills my heart and soothes my soul. Everything about her makes me a better person.

Today was a good day. We had the whole afternoon. It was a treat to be able to take our time and work on each aspect of the things we’ve been learning. We started with our groundwork. Our last lesson we were working on showing her to respect my space while walking on a circle and then side pass. She was a bit sassy as we began but quickly came around as we got working. We successfully executed our exercise with much more ease than at our lesson and covered the length of the arena in both directions. I love this exercise. It gets her paying attention and responsive to what I’m asking.

I gave her a break and walked her around the arena a few times, before we lunged. We lunged both directions working on her transitions. I found her more responsive after our little groundwork exercise. The more time we have to work the better our session is.

After our groundwork I brushed her out and tacked her up. We had such a good ride! We both are just so much more productive when we’ve had ample time to warm up. We worked for about an hour. She was so relaxed and responsive. She easily got into form and followed my cues effortlessly. I just had to think about what I wanted and she responded. We were truly working together. It was wonderful!

I took her saddle off and hopped on her bareback to walk her around and cool her out. Bareback is such a different experience. It gives me a better sense of her movements and improves my balance and connection. It was very relaxing and a nice way to end our session.

I hopped off and walked her around for awhile longer as she was still a bit damp. We goofed around and took selfies and sent them to my daughter. We took full advantage of the time we had. She’s a lot of fun to be silly with and just play too. She gives me the funniest looks – I can’t help but laugh out loud. She has such personality!

I really need to work on the art of the “selfie” but we do have fun!

Our time went by all too quickly. Only at the barn can hours zip by and feel more like minutes. She was dry now so I put her blanket on her and we headed back out to her paddock. It had been such a nice day. Once we arrived at her paddock I lingered with her awhile longer. I rubbed her neck and scratched her chin. The sun was nearly set and darkness began to sweep over the horizon as the last shades of pink disappeared from the sky. I gave her one last pat “Luv you babe, thanks for the day”, I told her as I made my way out of her paddock. My heart full, my soul at peace and contentment surely showing on my face.