We had a great ride last night! There’s just no feeling like being in tune with your horse. She was just wonderful last night. Sweet, willing, responsive and most importantly she was happy and we were having fun together. I do love my Lexi girl.

The learning curve with horse ownership continues! My Lexi has been out of sorts this past month or two as winter has set in. Her usual sweet disposition has changed to one of anxiety and stress. She’s been spooky and pushy and frankly just miserable – to the point I wasn’t comfortable to ride her. It then worsened to where I felt unsafe with her even on the ground. This is so unlike her. She is a very sweet gentle girl. Thankfully I’m getting to know her well enough to know this is very out of the norm for her. Trying to understand and correct the undesirable behaviours is challenging to say the least. I began to question everything, including myself, trying to narrow it down. My coach, knowing Lexi as long as I have mentioned the possibility of ulcers. She had been talking to several horse people who had described change in behaviour related to ulcers. I began some research and called my vet. My vet thought it was likely she was having issues with her hind gut and suggested we put her on medication, a probiotic and offer free choice hay.

I started her on her daily medication to be administered for four weeks. Within only a few days I was beginning to see her relax a little. She was so good about taking her medicine from the syringe as I squirted it into her mouth. First the 20mls of the non flavoured medicine she let me squirt down her throat followed by another 20 mls of probiotic to again squirt into her mouth. I think she knew it was making her feel better because she got better and better about taking it. It was only the first few times she was a little unsure and would turn her head in quiet protest.

Each passing day she got more relaxed and seemed more like her old self. It was a bit of an endeavour as the weather turned very cold -51 Celsius with the wind chill. Running out after work and on my lunch hour to get her medicine into her. But our perseverance paid off. She has only two more doses and last night she was her old amazing self. She really is such a sweetheart. I’m so relieved to see her happy and relaxed. We are having fun again – both of us. Whether it’s a visit in her paddock or working in a riding lesson – we’re having fun together.

Our weather warmed considerably this weekend -51 to +1. It felt like spring! When I arrived at Lexi’s paddock I couldn’t see her from the gate, she was off in behind the trees somewhere. I called out to her and she came running. It was so sweet! I gave her some rubs and her bucket. After our little reunion I took her bucket and stepped out of the paddock when she decided to show off a little. I think everyone had a touch of spring fever after the sub zero temperatures we had endured the week before.

Now that she’s feeling better we can resume our regular schedule and get working again.

I can’t help but to draw similarities to parenting – I always knew if my kids were out of sorts there was a reason – it was just a matter of figuring it out and helping them to feel better…

I’m so grateful we’re back on the right path – until next time. Yes, a lot like mothering.