Sunday at the barn is my chill time. After a busy week and dealing with all of life’s stressors – my Lexi time gets me rejuvenated and ready for the coming week ahead. It’s my mini vacation every week!

Winter has arrived on the prairies. The temperatures have dropped in the negative double digits Celsius and the wind is biting cold. I’m so grateful for the indoor arena!

Lexi and I had a lovely time today. I took my time bringing her in. She hadn’t quite finished her breakfast, so I put the hood up on my big winter coat and hung out in her paddock for awhile to let her eat. I just didn’t have the heart to take her out without letting her finish. I braved the weather, my back to the wind until my fingers began to numb inside two sets of mitts. She had her bucket waiting for her in the barn, so I decided it was now a fair trade off.

Once inside out of the wind it was very comfortable. I put her in her cross ties and began combing the pigeon poop out of her hair. They have a good shelter in their paddock, but share it with a flock of pigeons who seem to have decided to call it home. I got her cleaned up and headed into the arena for our groundwork. She was a bit prancey on the way in to the barn and even gave me a bit of trouble getting her halter on today which is entirely unlike her. I’m guessing the dramatic change in weather might be what has her stressed today. Groundwork always calms her and gets her focused. I like to do her groundwork prior to tacking her up as she’s then much more settled and so much easier to tack up. After 20 to 30 minutes of groundwork I put her back in the cross ties and tacked her up.

We had a great ride. Our last lesson we’ve been working on her form and her bend. We are getting sooo close! We can get there more easily now and maintain more consistently. We made good progress today! You would have been proud of us Tessa!

Toward the end of our session we had a little excitement. We were working on her canter transitions when she suddenly spooked…not sure why, but she jumped sideways and quickened her pace. Likely, because we were already at a canter instead of a walk, it felt more dramatic than it really was. It was however, a breakthrough for me though! I stayed balanced and in control and brought her back quickly and calmly. I brought her to a halt and backed her up a few steps. Took a deep breath and started back into our exercise. It was tempting to call it a day at that point, but my coaches have taught me the importance of always ending on a good note. So onward we went!

We worked well and without incident for another ten minutes and ended on a very good note. It’s just as important for me as it is for her that we prevailed. I finished the day feeling happy and that we had accomplished much. She is sooo good for me. Times when I might quit on me I prevail because I will never quit on her.

I left the barn today, my step a little lighter, my mind at peace and a smile on my face. My horsey time is just good for my soul.