Thanksgiving is truly one of my favourite holidays. It gives us a moment in our very busy routines to step back and realize how lucky we are.

Today, first and foremost I am grateful for my children. I am blessed to watch them start families of their own and so proud of the wonderful parents they’ve become. I delight in the moments they share with their little ones and feel truly blessed to be able to enjoy these years.

But also on this holiday I am grateful for today. It was a gorgeous fall day here on the prairies. There wasn’t so much as a breeze and the sun shone brightly in a clear blue sky. The air was crisp and fresh and smelled amazing. I was fortunate to spend the whole afternoon outside at the barn.

Dixie, one of the resident border collies greeted me when I arrived. She raced around bounding away from me then racing back for a pat. As we headed up the lane toward the paddocks I asked her where her counterpart Lilly was. As we neared the paddock my question was answered as Lilly bounded out from behind the house. They raced circles around me as I headed out back. Their exuberance made me laugh aloud. They were so happy!! What a wonderful life they have.

Lexi was grazing happily but lifted her head and walked toward me as I entered her paddock. It’s so sweet how she always greets me now. I slipped her halter on and we headed for the outdoor arena with Lilly and Dixie in tow. We started with our groundwork in the outdoor sand arena. We worked on her transitions, walk, trot, canter in both directions as well as a few exercises we’ve been learning in our groundwork lessons.

We worked for about forty minutes and then headed for the barn to groom her and tack her up.

I had groomed her thoroughly the night before – when I got in a little visit with the boys in her neighbouring paddock.

But – you’d never know it to look at her today. She had clearly been rolling. The nights have become suddenly very cool and I think rolling helps to keep her warm. She was covered in dirt and had feathers stuck in her tail. There are copious numbers of pigeons that reside in her shelter. They scare the crap out of me whenever I walk by as they all suddenly peel out, creating quite a little ruckus! I always expect Lexi to spook when they do it. I just have to laugh – I know it’s going to happen and still I jump EVERY time. But miraculously Lexi never flinches.

I tacked her up and headed across the grass toward the sand arena. We worked there for about twenty minutes to get warmed up and focused before we headed for the larger grass riding area.

We had a lovely ride. It’s such a lovely spot to ride and on such a beautiful day. We trotted around occasionally cantering. What a feeling of freedom! I could have stayed forever in that moment.

I’m so thankful for all of the wonderful people and animals in my life. Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!