It was an exciting week! Everything’s starting to come together for us. Lexi and I are in regular riding lessons (where it all began!) focusing on dressage and jumping with my coach:

Tessa – Whitewood Equestrian

As well we have regular groundwork lessons with our trainer:

Jackie – Lovequine Therapy and Horsemanship.

What I learn from both of these wonderful ladies is complimenting each other beautifully. I’m so excited to learn the tools to effectively work with my Lexi to bring us both along to reach our potential. I’ve had Lexi now for eighteen months. While I’m still a beginner in all respects, I’m so excited with our progress. Relative to where we started we have made leaps and bounds! Relative to where we could go, we haven’t even scratched the surface. Working with Lexi with such tremendous support and expert guidance from these awesome horsewomen is an amazing, rewarding experience.

The more I learn in both areas – the more I see how well they go together. I think particularly for us since Lexi is still so young and learning as well. It has perhaps been a bit more challenging with a young horse, however it has been an amazing opportunity, with the right horse for me. Without the patience and expertise of these ladies, Lexi and I would have never gotten this far, or anywhere for that matter, but with our regular lesson programs and lots of practice – it’s all starting to click!!

Thank you ladies! I’m having the time of my life on this journey!