We had a great ride tonight! It was lesson night at the barn. After days of relentless rain and unseasonably cold temperatures all week, the sun finally shone tonight. It was a beautiful evening offering us the opportunity to lesson in the outdoor arena.

Sugar was getting tacked up for their lesson when I arrived. It’s fun to see those who were away for the summer returning and activity bustling at the barn again. So nice to catch up after the summer and get back into routine.

I brought Lexi in as Sugar and Abby headed out for their lesson. We did our groundwork in the indoor. Lexi was very attentive and responsive to my cues. I think we’re getting each other figured out and are working so well together. It’s such a rewarding experience. We’ve worked so hard, both of us, it’s wonderful to see progress. We’re finally really starting to bond and really get to know each other. Over the summer months we’ve had so much more opportunity, not just to work together, but also to hang out and just spend time together. Having the opportunity to spend time with her in all capacities has improved our working relationship tenfold. There’s no better feeling than when we’re both in sync and communicating well.

I tacked her up and we headed for the outdoor to enjoy our lesson in the sunshine. Tonight my coach set up poles for us to work over. She’s so great! She’s patient but challenges me. She knows we can do it, but since my injury I need a little prodding to push my limits that I didn’t need prior. Thanks Tessa! We worked at a trot over the poles initially. Finally working up to a canter. We cantered the entire arena both directions! Lexi did great! We have had some issues in the past with her canter to the right, but I think we’ve had a breakthrough! Tonight we cantered both directions and Lexi went beautifully. It has at times been a somewhat difficult journey back, but oh so very rewarding with each small step forward. It’s taken patience, perseverance, and solid resolve to get back to where we are. The harder the journey the greater the reward! Tonight felt amazing! I do love my girl Lexi. This is our journey together and I truly appreciate the special girl she is.

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