I’m always grateful when I get to go to the barn, but felt it even more so today. Ive been out of town and missing my girl. She was a beautiful sight for sore eyes today. I arrived at the barn to find her waiting at the gate to her paddock. She seemed almost as happy to see me as I was to see her. The smile on my face was ear to ear as I saw her and approached “Hi Babe!” I cooed, “How have you been? I’ve missed you!”

She reached her head over the gate to greet me. I gave her a rub on the nose and then ducked between the rails to enter her paddock. We had a lovely reunion as I slipped her halter on and chatted away quietly, while fawning over her.

We wandered down the lane toward the barn, me chatting and she gently nuzzling my arm as we went. I put her in her cross ties and retrieved her brushes from my locker. As I combed out her mane I noticed she had rubbed part of it off while I was away. It was a sad discovery. She had done the same before I bought her and it took over a year to grow it back out…

We fell right back into our routine. After grooming we went into the arena to work on our groundwork. In our last lesson, we had just learned to change directions while lunging without coming to a stop. We hadn’t had a chance to practice since our lesson but decided to jump back in. I sent her out on her circle at a walk, transitioned to trot, back to walk, and changed direction at a walk. She went beautifully! We worked to the right, transitioning from walk to trot and then back to the left at a trot! Progress! I was very happy with how well it went.

Pleased with our groundwork session, I decided to tack her up. We re-entered the arena ready to ride when I noticed the platform someone had left out. I had meant to move it while she was in her cross ties but had forgotten. She was a bit afraid of it and had shied away as we passed it. I wasn’t sure what she’d think of me moving it while I had her in hand. We walked over to it, she shied away at first, then sniffed it and then she pawed at it a bit. She was very curious but not afraid, which was good. Once her curiosity had waned some, I heaved the heavy platform out of the arena and she plodded happily alongside. I felt she was learning to trust that if I thought it was safe then she could feel it was safe and be curious rather than fearful. Another small step forward for us!

The arena now cleared, we commenced our ride. We worked on our transitions, 20 meter circles, and ran through our dressage practice tests. She was so responsive. I haven’t ridden her in nearly two weeks and we didn’t miss a beat. I was very pleased with her. It was a lovely ride.

There is no better view than from the back of your horse

I stretched out our cooling out time as I couldn’t bring myself to end our session. Reluctantly I hopped off and took her out of the arena to untack her and brush her out. We stepped outside to have her bucket which she greedily inhaled. We then wandered over to the grass so she could graze awhile as I gently stroked her withers and patted her neck. There is nothing as peaceful or relaxing as hanging out with your horse while they graze. Beside my horse I feel the same comfort and peace of being home.

One thought on “Home Again

  1. We are so lucky to have horses. No matter how glum or irritated or sad or whatever I may be feeling, getting to the barn and riding or grooming or spending time with my horse makes my world a better place. My mood brightens and my mind breathes a sigh of relief,

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