Today the sun shone brightly and there was a slight breeze when I arrived at the barn. The temperature was a comfortable seventeen degrees Celsius, perfect for riding outdoors. It seems early in the season, but the air was crisper and smelled fresher, distinctly signalling the onset of autumn.

Lexi was in the far paddock out back, munching happily on the ample supply of grass. She’s going to miss that come fall when she’s put back on hay. Summer speeds by all too quickly in Canada, urging us to make the most of today. The crisp air is a reminder that these gorgeous days outside are all too soon coming to an end.

She came to greet me and I offered a warm hello and a rub on her neck as I slipped her halter on. As always, I was so genuinely happy to see her. I lingered there with her as she munched away. It was so quiet and peaceful out there. Just the sound of the breeze rustling the leaves, a few birds chirping in the distance and the soothing sound of Lexi’s steady munching as she meandered along steadily mowing the grass in front of her.

We wandered over to the outdoor arena that sits adjacent to her paddock to begin with our groundwork. We walked around the arena a few times to get her focused and settled. She’s still a bit stuck on her right side, so I’m trying to focus on working that side a bit more. I worked with her on the lead to get her to bend to the right and changing it up to help her loosen up prior to lunging.

We then worked on the lunge line practicing her transitions. She was a bit resistant to canter initially, but worked through it and was doing her transitions beautifully as we finished up. I find if I get her going smoothly on the ground first, her transitions when riding are much smoother. She’s such a good girl, she just needs time to get warmed up and focused. At just six this year, she’s still learning too. But we’re both making so much progress! It’s wonderful to have the whole afternoon to take our time and work through the process without any need to rush. It’s our most productive, and enjoyable time together.

We chose to ride outdoors as well, enjoying the sunshine. There were some poles set up in the outdoor, so we took advantage of that too. We worked both directions, practicing our 20 meter circles and figure eights. We worked at the walk, trot and even the canter. We then worked at a trot over the poles and at a canter in between. We were having a very good ride, finishing up in the large grass arena. There is a bit more room there and we had a blast trotting and cantering around. It was such a lovely day and she was going so well.

As we finished up I gave her a long rein and we walked around the grass arena to cool her out, both of us thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze. Feeling so very relaxed, happy and grateful for such a lovely day.

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