I can’t imagine a better way to spend a Friday night. It was a beautiful Summer evening at the barn tonight. The sun shone with a light breeze, just enough to keep the temperature perfectly comfortable and the mosquitoes at bay.

It never fails that each time I go to see my girl I still can’t believe I actually have my very own horse. Realizing a lifelong dream later in life, for me, continuously feels like a miracle and such a privilege.

We had so much fun tonight! Lexi and I started with our groundwork in the indoor. It was still a bit on the warm side when I arrived and the arena was nice and cool. We’ve been working on her canter transitions on the lunge line on the ground. She’s already getting much better. Her transition is much smoother than it was just a couple of weeks ago. Working through this on the ground has made so much difference under saddle. I’m really finding that learning some groundwork skills compliments what we do when I ride. The combination is really working for us. Working with her on the ground helps me identify our strengths and weaknesses. If we’re struggling in a certain area it helps me identify if it’s me or her or both that needs work in a certain area.

I tacked her up and we started our ride in the indoor. We worked on some dressage we’ve been learning and ran through our routine a few times. We worked on our transitions and I was so pleased with her canter transitions tonight!

It was cool enough now to finish our ride outside in the grass arena. What a lovely place to ride! The sun was low enough now that the big beautiful trees on the west side were providing shade. The light breeze kept us cool as it rustled the leaves. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer evening. I walked her around a few times as she called out to her buddy Ginger in the distance and pranced around a bit as we rode by the mini horses in the neighbouring paddock. We worked at a trot circling in the corners and working both directions. We were having fun and decided to go over the jump. It wasn’t raised, but she treated it as though it was. We approached at a trot and she jumped the poles and cantered away. What fun!! We had to do that a few more times! She is so much fun to ride! She inspires me to work hard to be better. She’s such a gem!

After our super fun ride, I enjoyed a cider and some horse chatter with our barn manager. We took Lexi and Jet out to the grass arena to enjoy the lovely outdoors and cool Lexi out. It was a lovely way to bring our evening to a close. Thanks for the company Mackenzie! It was a very relaxing enjoyable evening.

Mackenzie and Jet

We even had a visit from one of the kits!

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