I’m learning there are endless possibilities in the horse world! This year we are exploring some of them! We’ve started regular groundwork lessons focusing on liberty training. My riding coach has started working with us on learning dressage. With all of the possibilities opening up I’m even considering breeding Lexi at some point to have a foal to start. Setting goals and learning different avenues to follow with endless challenges to meet is the fun part! One of the girls at the barn asked me if I compete and I heard myself saying not “yet”. Anything and everything seems possible as I pursue with enthusiasm the thing that I love to do. It’s truly a gift to find something that brings you so much joy.

Lexi and I had a full week. Sunday we worked on our groundwork. For the first time, she challenged me. She’s always lunged for me with ease, but not this day. I asked her to move out on her circle and she turned to face me, feet firmly planted and said “ummm NO”. I was surprised by her sudden reluctance to accommodate but was so proud of us as we worked through it and calmly but firmly persuaded her to comply. She is now six and not unlike a teenage girl, so she thought she’d give it a try but found it was to no avail. As our groundwork session went longer than anticipated with a few unexpected challenges to work through, we didn’t have opportunity to ride after, but it was a fun and productive afternoon. I was pretty happy that I’ve come far enough to work through it with her and get her to do what I asked, ultimately willingly, happily and without incident.

Monday was her scheduled farrier appointment. We had time to hang out and I let her graze on the lead while we waited. She was calm and relaxed when he arrived. It was a relaxing evening of visiting and hanging out with my girl while accomplishing some regular necessary care. Any time spent at the barn is leisure time but always productive. I guess that’s where the saying “if you enjoy what you do you never work a day in your life” came from.

Tuesday we had our groundwork lesson. I mentioned to Jackie that Lexi was reluctant to lunge on Sunday, but that we had worked through it. I had achieved the results I was looking for but wanted to run it by her to see if I went about it in the right way. Luckily, Lexi was of the same mind tonight and was doing exactly the same thing. Jackie took over to send her out on her circle. I was so relieved to see she handled exactly as I had on Sunday to get the results. For two reasons, I was relieved I was teaching Lexi properly so we were moving forward not back and secondly it showed I’m learning and improving and can start to trust myself to handle challenges on my own as they arise.

As an added bonus this evening I stayed to watch our barn manager have her lesson with her two year old she brought in for the night. I’m like a twelve year old girl gushing over this gorgeous fellow. He’s a black warmblood thoroughbred cross. He’s already very tall, she hasn’t sticked him but I’d guess over 16 hands already. His head is likely double the size of Lexi’s, but he is so well proportioned and not gangly at all for such a young horse. I can’t help but swoon over him, it’s hilarious! I just love to watch him move. After their lesson I got to rub his neck and swoon a little more. His coat is just velvety satin soft! Even his mane! Yes it’s true – I’m in love. I can’t deny it.

I’m going to enjoy watching them progress together.

Jettson’s Dynasty owned by Mackenzie Xavier

Thursday was my regular riding lesson night. It’s been pouring rain here and my poor girl was soaked when I brought her in. I have a towel there for her and spent time rubbing her dry. She thought it must be massage night and nearly dozed off as I rubbed her back and dried her off. She was still just a bit damp so I put her new back on track cooler on to warm her up and get her fully dried. It worked like a charm and she was completely dry before I had to tack her up for our lesson, and wow, was she ever relaxed.

I really enjoy my lessons and my coach. Tonight she suggested we try a run through on a dressage test. What fun! She called it while I rode it. It’s much harder than one would think. When watching people who know what they’re doing they make it look so effortless, but I’m so excited to learn. It was a very short very basic routine, but for a first timer I found it quite challenging. Anne – I have an even greater appreciation for you and Biasani! You two are my inspiration!

I have been practicing in my living room to remember the routine and am anxious to get back into the arena to see if Lexi and I can get through it on our own.

Here’s to doing what you love and loving what you do. Happy riding all!

2 thoughts on “Possibilities

  1. Dressage is much more difficult than it looks! But I think it is great to see that you are interested in doing some of it. I believe it does not matter what discipline you ride in dressage can help. I like the idea that you are doing ground work too. That is always helpful. My coach Belinda Trussell does ground work with several of her horses.

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