It’s been a fun week at the barn! With the super long days and warm weather there is always lots going on. It’s a lot of fun to be a part of a busy barn with some great people who share the same love of animals.

One evening after a late lesson, I was putting Lexi back in her paddock and encountered the momma fox sitting up near the gate. We have a momma fox and her Pups on the property this spring. It is quite a treat to have them around. They are a big help with the gofer population, and it’s so exciting to watch them grow.

I got to meet one of the pups up close and personal last week too! One evening as I returned Lexi to her paddock our barn manager called me over. There in the small barn at the back of the property, one of the pups was resting in the straw in one of the stalls. He was pretty chill about it as we peeked over the stall door ooohing and awwwing over him. He was soooo cute.

There is so much to look forward to this season! One of the ladies at the barn is teaching the minis to drive. I can’t wait to watch them. Another lady is starting training with her three year old. He is just a gorgeous fellow. It will be fun to watch them progress together. There are clinics and shows throughout the season. It’s as much fun to cheer on my fellow horse mates as it is to participate myself. Cheers to a fun season for all!!

2 thoughts on “Fun at the Barn

  1. We had a vixen and kits ( I hope I’m right about that being a mommy fox and her babies) at the barn. The Mum would get squirrels and carry them back for the babies We have seen the Mum and sadly once dead baby was found but no other sightings of more babies this year. Sounds like your spring/summer is off to a great start.

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