Spring brings with it longer days and Lexi and I are loving the warmer weather. We took full advantage of the Easter long weekend, finally able to spend more time together and the progress is notable. We had a very good ride at our lesson on Saturday. We worked with my coach for the full hour at both a walk and trot. My balance is still a bit off as I gain my strength back, but I’ve improved considerably from where I was even a month ago. As my injury heals I feel my confidence coming back. I do believe Lexi senses it too. She has been so relaxed and responsive with me. We are finding our groove again.

Saturday lesson

While I can totally pick apart all of the things I can see need a LOT of improvement, I am thrilled to be able to start working at it again in earnest. My coach is tailoring a program for us to get back into shape. It’s so much fun to be making plans and setting goals again!

Monday was our warmest day so far this spring. I headed to the barn right after work. The wind was howling, but the arena was free so I took the opportunity to bring her inside. Even with the crazy wind Lexi was calm and relaxed. We did some groundwork utilizing some of what we learned at our liberty clinic. Once she was relaxed and focused I lunged her for a bit, working both directions and practicing her transitions. We had an awesome session.

When we left the arena I decided to take the opportunity to give her a good grooming. She relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed it. I even got her tail combed out! It was quite overdue.

Love her long tail!

The wind had died down so we headed back out doors. What a lovely evening it had become. There is nothing like the long quiet summer evenings in Canada. The wind dies down, the sun lingers in the sky into the late hours. All gets so still and quiet. A few birds chirp, the odd mosquito buzzes by your ear. Lexi and I strolled back up the lane toward her paddock, stopping occasionally to let her nibble on some of the sweet new grass sprouting up. Horse candy!

I finally returned Lexi to her paddock. Her little friend Sugar anxiously awaited her return giving a little whinny hello as we approached. It was time for their supper, so with permission from the girls who so diligently care for them, I tossed their flakes of hay over the fence. Careful to be mindful to separate the two piles and fluff up the hay as I evenly distributed it between them. I lingered there awhile longer, enjoying the rhythmic sound of them munching on their hay. A few clouds had blown in with the wind earlier and the sun shone through them as it began to slowly descend. It was a beautiful sight with the grazing horses in the foreground. I can’t imagine a more relaxing way to spend the evening. In a world where life continues to test and add the scars we are to endure, I am grateful. Grateful for the scars that teach the lessons and reveal our strength. Without the scars, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to appreciate and find true joy in the precious moments, the quiet moments.

One thought on “Quiet Moments

  1. I LOVE the quote at the start of this post. Absolutely 100% true. And we all look at ourselves and our riding and find things that need improvement. You are not alone in that. And I think her tail looks very nice!!

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