It was an early morning Sunday as I awoke to meet my trainer at the barn. 6:30 a.m. Ughhh still sleepy, until I realized “Hey! This isn’t a work day! I get to take Lexi to our first liberty clinic and spend the whole day with her!!” I had been looking forward to today for months!

My trainer organized a private clinic for her students at a local facility specializing in Liberty Work with horses. I met her at the barn Timberwind Stables to load and haul Lexi to the clinic. Thanks Tessa @ Whitewood Equestrian!

We made the mandatory Tim Hortons stop to grab a coffee and met another student there to follow us the 25 miles out to the clinic. It wasn’t long before we pulled into a lovely facility, with trees, rolling hills and best of all horses! I later learned it had been in their family for generations and our host has lived there all of her life. I couldn’t help thinking about what a fortunate life to have had. How wonderful that she decided to pursue her career with horses into adulthood and offer the opportunity for others to learn. Thank you Jackie @ LOVEquine Therapy & Horsemanship!

There were two trailers hauling in six horses in all for today’s clinic. All ages and sizes, from a sweet little pony to a big beautiful warm blood. The participants varied as greatly as well, from young girls in their early teens to grandmothers and everything in between. Throughout the day I marvelled at how sharing a passion for our horses could bring such a varying group together. We all found so much in common that we thoroughly enjoyed the day together.

The clinic itself was fabulous! We had a full day packed with information and practice with our horses. We broke for lunch giving our horses an opportunity for some hay and a rest. It was also a nice opportunity to visit and get to know the rest of the group better. After lunch Jackie gave us a demonstration with her own horse utilizing what we had learned from the morning. It was inspiring to see what they’ve accomplished together!

Jackie demonstrates the concepts from the morning session.

After the demonstration we brought our horses back into the arena to continue our session. What stood out for me most was that Liberty training encourages owners to show affection to their horse for a job well done. I truly believe that ALL relationships are stronger if they are built on love and trust rather than harshness and fear. For me, loving my Lexi is the highlight of having a horse. I enjoy the neck rubs as much as she does! She gets so relaxed as she leans into the Luvs I bestow on her. Its very therapeutic for us both!

Lexi with her head lowered leaning in for some Luvs!

The day flew by and all too soon it was time to wrap it up. We loaded our horses and said our goodbyes. It was a very good day spent with a really great group! I’m excited to put into practice what I’ve learned. Eager to work with Lexi this summer incorporating lots of groundwork into our training as we also progress with riding. I think the combination of groundwork and dressage will be highly beneficial for us both. Not to mention a whole lot of FUN!!

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