I remember my Grandma said to me once “it’s such a shame, by the time you start to figure it (life) out, you’re almost done” I never really understood what she meant at the time. I was a teenager and as such knew it “all”, in my view. I am however starting to understand what she meant now. Moments are fleeting and you never get the same one twice. I’ve learned to appreciate the moments as they happen – ALL of them. To hold onto the joy from the good ones and learn valuable lessons from the tough ones. My Lexi has been instrumental in clarifying these ideas. She is always in the moment and always so genuine. She exemplifies the way I want to live.

With the days now warmer and light longer, I’m able to spend time just hanging out with her. It’s wonderful to start to get to know her. And to have her get to know me. I’ve been going down after work each night and brushing her and just hanging out with her at her paddock. I’m learning so much about her personality, how she interacts with other horses and her little mannerisms. She always tries. As soon as she understands what I’m asking she always tries to do what I ask. She’s figuring me out too. She also has little bit of teenage girl in her and will test to see if she can trick me on occasion – usually while trying to sneak a mouthful of hay. The more time we can spend together, the better our communication will get. She is such a joy to get to know. We have so much to look forward to learning together.

Last night was lesson night! I was finally able to ride a full lesson again! I’m so excited! We should be able to get back into a regular riding program this summer. It’s so much fun to start thinking about all the things we can work on this season. My trainer was showing us some dressage last night. It is very challenging but Lexi is just a dream to work with. She tries so hard and concentrates to move the way she’s asked. We are both so pleased when we ‘get’ it. My trainer is very patient in explaining the movement I’m looking for and how to achieve it. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish this season with with her guidance and Lexi’s ability. The possibilities are endless!

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