What a beautiful day!! Nothing like surviving a brutal Canadian winter on the prairies to make everyone truly appreciate a warm sunny day! As the sun streamed in through the picture window and I could see the water start to run from the melting knee deep snow I couldn’t get to the barn fast enough. I felt like a little kid, excited by the anticipation of an afternoon in the sunshine playing with the horses! Just being able to spend time outside is such a gift after the long cold dark winter, but to be able to spend it with my Lexi is always a dream come true.

She now shares a paddock with her old friend Sugar who she boarded with prior to moving to the indoor. They are so happy to be reunited! When I arrived at their paddock they were hanging out at the far end enjoying the sunshine. They both came on the run to greet me as I walked up to the gate.



They were clearly enjoying themselves this lovely spring day. Kicking up their heels and loving life! It was such a joy to watch them. They were so beautiful as they ran around the paddock forming their own little race track. They were so happy. Horses enjoying being horses. I entered the paddock and took part in their joy of freedom to run and play while soaking up the sunshine.


Lexi and Sugar

With the days now getting longer and the temperatures finally rising, I am very much looking forward to the season ahead.  Today was but a small though delectable taste of the months to come!


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