My Lexi continues to teach me things I’d have never otherwise discovered. The time spent with her is a gift I always appreciate. Perhaps it’s because I waited so long and worked so hard for her. Perhaps she’s just the right horse at the right time.

We spent some quiet time together this weekend. Our weather has continued to be unbearably cold these past few weeks. It’s been too cold to take her into the warm arena and then turn her back out, so I’ve been bundling up and spending time with her at her paddock. With proper clothing it’s actually nice out there in the sunshine if we stay out of the wind. It’s so peaceful hanging out with her and her paddock mates. Yesterday there was a terrible wind. The wind chill was -30 C. I found her at the far southwest corner of her paddock. She was completely sheltered from the wind there and was lazily lapping up the sunshine. I had brought her bucket, but didn’t have the heart to take her from her warm sheltered spot into the cold wind to take her out to give it to her. Instead I opted to hang out with her there. I rubbed her neck and quietly chatted away. Sometimes I think she’s completely indifferent to me, and then she’ll lift her head and look at me so intently with her big soft brown eyes. Her gaze is so soft and kind filled with a sense of understanding. Sometimes I think she is all knowing. Somehow blessed with an indescribable ability to form a connection in that moment and to see what most beings can’t. It’s the most amazing peaceful way to spend an afternoon. We stayed there until my fingers numbed from the cold. Even with a pair of gloves inside my massive thick mitts, the cold managed to seep through. With the blue sky and sun shining brightly it appeared a deceivingly nice day until you heard the wind howling around us. Our breath hung thick in the air, creating small clouds around us with each breath. It was a bitterly cold day which forced me to leave my little sanctuary sooner than I would have liked.

Today, the temperatures were still cold, but the wind had subsided to a slight breeze. The sun shone brightly in the cloudless, crisp blue sky. Lexi was up by the gate when I arrived at her paddock. She looked up and came over to me as I entered. Today I would be able to take her out to let her have her bucket. She put her nose down and helped me slip her halter on. With my heavy mitts on my hands, it was a bit of a challenge to hold on to the halter and lead rope. I wear gloves inside my mitts so I can remove one to get a better grip and fasten her halter without exposing my bare skin. Frost bite can occur quickly to exposed skin in this cold. I patted and stroked her neck as she devoured her bucket. She can be such a goof as she makes faces and goobers all over me while happily chowing down. One moment she’s this majestic all knowing creature, the next she’s like a goofy toddler entertaining me with her childlike silliness. Once she had cleaned the bottom of her bucket I returned her to her paddock. I stayed and watched them all for awhile, generously giving out neck rubs and pats as the other horses requested them.

Photo Credit Alanna Leach

Regardless of what we are doing together, she brings me such peace and joy. In a world filled with stresses, responsibility, demands and worry, she is my calm, my kindness, my understanding and my peace. She is my little piece of heaven.

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