We awoke to a frosty Sunday morning today! Temperatures dropped over the weekend and it appears we are in for some cooler temperatures this week. I prepared Lexi’s bucket to take down and have a little visit with her. I bundled well to ward off the bitter cold so I could spend a little time with her outdoors at her paddock. I arrived to find her and Aspen staying warm together, sheltered from the breeze. They are well cared for at the barn she’s boarded at. They always have access to warm water and are given extra feed to keep them warm when the Canadian winter gets a bit harsh. With their thick winter coats fluffed up and a light layer of snow for extra insulation they seemed to be faring very well.

Frosty Aspen and Lexi

We had a great lesson night Thursday! I had a very positive appointment at my physio earlier in the week. I’ve been diligent with the prescribed exercises and am seeing the results. My physio therapist agreed it should be ok for me to up the ante a bit at my next ride – so I did!

My Lexi and I are having fun again! That amazing feeling after a successful ride is second to none. We still have a long way to go, but we are on the road back. It felt almost like old times. She was a doll to bring into the barn. Super easy to catch and totally relaxed. I tacked her up and entered the arena as the prior lesson group were cooling their horses out. I lunged her at a walk and trot working both sides. My trainer took her out first. She had her working very nicely before I hopped on. Tonight Lexi and I were both feeling good and pretty relaxed.

I took Lexi out at a walk feeling her out. She was warmed up and relaxed and responsive. I felt comfortable to bring her to a trot. I shortened the reins to a working position. Lexi perked up her ears ready for my cue. A slight pressure from my leg and she moved into a nice working trot. It felt so good!! I transitioned from walk to trot a few times going both directions. I was so happy I could do it!! It’s just strengthening I need to work on now, but the major healing is behind me.

The reminder my Lexi gave me this night of the fun we’ve shared riding over the past season will keep me highly motivated to get in shape for the upcoming season. The glimmer of hope that I can be ready to work with her and enjoy those lovely long summer evenings with my horse! There’s just nothing like it! It’s euphoria.

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