After a particularly stressful and frustrating work day I was very much looking forward to my evening at the barn. I could feel myself getting lighter and a smile creeping through the crease in my brow as I drew nearer to my happy place. My coach had a lesson in progress when I arrived, but due to a cancellation I was her last scheduled lesson for the day. I brought Lexi in to brush her out and tack her up. This was only her third session since starting back into consistent riding and work. I’ve been lungeing her at the start of the session, then my trainer has been riding her and getting her back to work. To end the session I get on her to walk her around and cool her out. In just a short time she has relaxed tenfold. She is such a good girl, but she was ready to get back to work. She’s much happier with a job and consistent handling.

We had the arena for the evening so no need to rush. I took time to brush out her mane and rub her neck as I chatted softly to her. Our barn manager came by and had a little visit. It was already shaping up to be a relaxing enjoyable evening. Lexi was relaxed and comfortable in the cross ties as I tacked her up. Her whole disposition seemed much calmer than it has recently been.

I attached the lunge line as we entered the arena. We lunged working both sides at a walk, trot and canter. She was a bit frisky going into canter, but quickly got into rhythm and went nicely. I’m starting to improve some. My coach taught me how to reel the line in and out without getting my hands wrapped in the line. Very important tip! Handling the line with some semblance of coordination is starting to come, and with it the ability to give Lexi the direction needed.

Once she was warmed up my trainer hopped on. She works so well with my Lexi! She had her moving beautifully. They both looked like they were enjoying the process. Lexi would lick her lips, concentrating hard as she gave her rider all of her try. Her rider was visibly pleased with the results. They had a good ride!

I hopped on to walk her around and cool her out. It feels so good to ride again, even at a walk. Once she was cooled down I took her out of the arena and put her in the cross ties to get her untacked and brushed.

One of the ladies at the barn just purchased a miniature horse! She brought her into the arena as we finished up with Lexi. Our barn manager also brought her thoroughbred in to introduce the two. They were so cute together! The little mini came up to about the thoroughbred’s knees! Just the cutest little horse I’ve ever seen. Watching her play with the majestic thoroughbred Adar was so cute. Adar looked like a youngster again as the two frolicked around. It was such fun to watch!

Photo credit Alanna Leach

There was yet another first to witness this fine evening! A baby lamb was born earlier that day. I have never seen such a new baby lamb before. It was snuggled into the straw with his mom nearby and a heat lamp set up to keep him cozy for the night. Such a sweet baby!

Photo credit Alanna Leach

After returning Lexi to her paddock I stopped by the arena to grab her bucket and say goodnight to the other ladies. We ended the evening with a cider and a few laughs. It was a very enjoyable evening with a lovely group!

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