These past months have been an ardent test of patience to be sure as I struggled to do even the bare minimum with my Lexi. But this week marked a few more steps forward. Baby Steps, but forward steps none the less!

I was able to start physio on Monday. After a thorough assessment they gave me the go ahead to ride provided I take it slow for now. I nearly hugged my physio therapist when she told me! It has been a very long wait. I’ll happily ride through any pain, I just needed confirmation that I won’t re-injure myself or worse cause permanent injury.

I could barely contain my excitement at the prospect of finally starting our journey back! My goal is to be back to where we were at the end of last season by the start of this one. Both Lexi and I have a long way to go both physically and mentally after doing very little for five long months. Finally, we are working our way back! I set up a time to work with my coach the next day.

I’m highly motivated to get back into shape so I can ride with the confidence that I’m strong enough to handle virtually anything that may arise. I’m doing the exercises prescribed by the physio therapist twice a day. I am realizing just how quickly I lost muscle tone now that I’ve started to work at it again. I feel like I’m starting over at the beginning. I am however very grateful to be at a place where I can begin the process. Waiting and doing nothing while the fracture healed was frustrating. Just knowing it is safe for me to get moving again has instilled new confidence and liberation. Every day I can do a little more and incorporate a little more yoga into my routine. It feels great!

I brought Lexi into the barn. Walked her in the arena for a few minutes to settle her before I put her in the cross ties. My coach arrived as I was brushing her out and sorting her tack. She helped me tack her up and take her into the arena. She lunged her working both sides and getting her transitions. Once she was warmed up my coach popped on her first. They worked at a walk and trot. It was great for Lexi to get some proper direction and work a bit. She did really well. I’ve been concerned how she’ll do getting back into work after sitting so much. She’s such a good girl! She’s still quite young coming six this spring, but she just got right back into it without missing a beat. I haven’t had her long enough to know if she’s the kind of horse who can sit for awhile without a period of training to get her going again. We have been doing groundwork and bringing her into the arena, but she hasn’t had regular schooling and consistent riding. My concerns were relieved as I watched my trainer working with her. It won’t take us long to get rolling again once I’m ready.

We determined she was now pretty relaxed and going good so I hopped on! I stayed at a walk and my coach kept her on the lunge line just to err on the side of caution. There was another rider in the arena at the time and with horses the unexpected is possible. Especially since she hasn’t been ridden much. I’m not confident I’m strong enough to control an unanticipated spook yet and coming off is not an option yet. It was wonderful to be back in the saddle. Part of me wanted to throw caution to the wind and go! However I could feel my lack of strength and knew I wasn’t ready. But soon!!

I’ve been working hard all week. Doing my physio. Every day I can do a bit more and incorporate more yoga into my routine. Every day I feel a little stronger! I have another lesson booked for Sunday! Slow and steady we will win our race!

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