We had a positive night tonight. Our barn manager was outside when I arrived at the barn tonight. She graciously offered to help me bring Lexi in. I thankfully accepted. She was able to provide some guidance with a couple of areas I was uncertain in when going into the paddock and interacting with another horse while catching mine. Having her experience to draw on is so helpful and greatly appreciated.

She had her two year old at the barn tonight! What a gorgeous young fellow! He is a jet black warmblood cross aptly named Jet who already stands over 16 hands. He’s a love at first sight kind of guy!! I look forward to watching them progress together.

My trainer was just finishing up a lesson. She was working with a girl who’s been training her young Arabian. I haven’t seen them work for awhile. Wow! Have they been making progress! She had him popping over some jumps and doing pole work. They were very impressive! It was really fun to see them!

Lexi seemed more relaxed tonight. The more often I can get her into the barn, the more comfortable she’ll be. We started our session walking her around on her lead and warming her up a bit. We then did some work on her transitions on the lunge line. My coach gave me some guidance on what to work on while lungeing her. It was very positive! She likened it to how I ask for things when riding which made it so much clearer to me. I was super happy with what we accomplished and felt I was gaining a real foundation to build on. She is such a great horse! I really want to be someone she can trust and count on for the correct cues. It’s so helpful to have my experienced trainer there with me to guide me and correct my stance or my hands. Teaching what cues to give and when. I really felt we were getting there tonight! It felt like we were accomplishing something positive again! Lexi and I were working together again!! It felt great!

Thanks to the great support and guidance, I am once again looking forward to making progress with Lexi and most importantly enjoying my Girl.

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