Today we awoke to an amazing story book winter wonderland! The previous night we were enveloped in a thick ice fog. Visibility was near zero as I cautiously navigated the dark eerie roads on my way into town. The heavy blanket of fog allowed for very little point of reference as to just where I was. Unable to see even the city lights as I approached, I missed my turn. I eventually blindly found my way home. This morning the sun came out and shone on an amazing sight! The fog had painted the world a glittering white that twinkled and sparkled in the morning sun as though diamonds had been sprinkled generously about. Nature does provide the most amazing sights using the landscape as it’s canvas for remarkable transformations.

I marvelled at the beauty I was surrounded in as I drove out to work. I stared longingly out my office window. This mornings frost would provide a gorgeous back drop for some photos of my Lexi. I hate to miss it. It’ll be dark by the time I finish work. I might have time to zip over on my lunch. I decided to give it try.

Traffic was light and I had plenty of time when I arrived at her paddock. Aspen was lying down sunning himself and Lexi was standing nearby. They were thoroughly enjoying the sunshine! I entered the paddock camera in hand! What a gorgeous opportunity for some pictures! I chatted away to them both as I snapped away!

I didn’t have time to stop home for her treats so had grabbed a couple of sugar cubes from the coffee room at work to give her. I had never given her one before as I’m pretty conscious of providing only “healthy” treats. But this was an exception and I didn’t want to go empty handed! Her reaction was hilarious! She readily took the cube from my hand and made the funniest faces! I only gave her one but what a goof!

I rubbed her neck and felt the warmth of the sun on her thick winter coat. It was a wonderful little break in my work day! I’ve resolved I’m going to take advantage of her close proximity and slip out for a mid day visit regularly!

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