As so many are celebrating Thanksgiving today, it seems fitting that I too am feeling exceptionally thankful today.

I’ve had some hurdles since my injury. The physical aspects seemed the most concerning initially. However as the physical injury healed I was left with a little anxiety feeling a bit vulnerable as I was now acutely aware of how quickly and unexpectedly I could really get hurt.

Tonight we got over a big hurdle! For the first time since my fall, I rode in a lesson with another rider and felt like we were truly back! We still have a lot of work ahead of us to get back into shape, but we were both getting our rhythm back. Lexi was awesome! We did a little work at both a walk and trot! She was just amazing! She hasn’t worked in nearly three months. An eternity for a five year old. But she just wowed me tonight! She was responsive and eager to work. Just such a pleasure to ride! I’m so thankful for her and the truly awesome horse she is.

I also owe my coach a debt of gratitude for her tremendous support and patience through these past few months. She stuck with us and saw us through. With her amazing support, kindness and skillful guidance I’m once again thoroughly enjoying my passion and living my dream! Thank you Tessa!!

These past months I have had some fears that we may have lost forever all of the progress we had made. Tonight I felt those fears laid to rest. We are ready to move forward and get back to work! The most difficult part now will be trying not to do too much too soon! That feeling of exhilaration and accomplishment has returned full force. The joy of the connection I feel with my horse. That passion and love of riding that I just can’t get enough of.

Yes, tonight I am feeling truly Thankful!

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