As the long dark cold days of winter are now upon us it is such a pleasure to have my Lexi to brighten my evenings! She is settling into her new surroundings beautifully and we are loving having the use of the indoor arena. It’s now dark by the time I finish work. Tonight was terribly foggy and the roads icy. But with her now so close, I was easily able to slip out to spend time with her after work! We had such a nice time. She now greets me at the gate to her paddock when I arrive and easily lets me slip her halter on. I’m always so happy to see her! It’s very rewarding to have opportunity to develop a relationship with her now that I can spend more time with her. I’m finding all the groundwork has been very beneficial in developing our trust and communication. I cheerfully chatted to her as we walked down the lane toward the barn. She seemed calm and easy as we walked along. Me chatting and patting her neck, her appearing to listen and occasionally gently nuzzle my arm.

Once inside I put her in the cross ties to groom her.

I decided not to ride tonight as I’m going to lesson with my coach Thursday and am conscious of the need to ease back into it. I did ride last Thursday! It felt wonderful to get back in the saddle! It’s hard to hold back while we both get back into shape in due course, as we’re both raring to go! But I maintained some self control and only brought her up to a trot for a few brief jaunts.

We had a very nice time tonight. We had the arena to ourselves! I walked her around and lunged her a bit. She was very calm and responsive to my cues. We worked a little and just hung out a little. It was very relaxing. I lavished praise as warranted while thoroughly enjoying our time together. It’s a lot of fun getting together with the other riders in lessons or just at the barn, but there is something special about time alone with just me and my horse. It’s an opportunity to really get to know one another. My time with just her is the only time in my life that I live completely in the moment. It’s just such a gift!

Time quickly passed and I wanted to turn her out before feeding time so reluctantly decided to call it a night. I gave her the bucket of supplements I brought. She is not even a little bit lady like as she dives into her bucket, slobbering all over the floor with each mouthful. She’s hilarious! She just LOVES her bucket. I usually end up with half of it on myself as she pops her head up to nuzzle my arm or shoulder between mouthfuls. She does make me laugh! She’s such a character.

We left the barn to step out into the thick fog and darkness of night. The wind had come up and was creating all kinds of mysterious noises on a very creepy night. Suddenly Lexi jumped back pulling tight on her lead, her front feet slightly leaving the ground. Something startled her! I kept my voice low and calm and shortened her lead as we started off again. Suddenly she spooked again, jumping back, spinning to look in that same direction, braced for whatever monster must be lurking there! There was some construction just off to the side of us and some of the materials were banging in the wind. She was pretty sure it was going to kill us! Thankfully I wasn’t startled at all and knew the cause for her alarm. I was able to calm her very quickly and we made our way back up the lane toward the paddock without further incident. The better we get to know each other, the easier is is to handle the unexpected. We both become more confident in each other as we continue to spend more time together. Every time I see her I learn a little more. A little about her and a little about me. Together, we are making progress!

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