Are you one of those people that typically hates shopping?I’ll do most anything to avoid it. My wardrobe will attest to it. But when it comes to horse stuff I can’t explain what comes over me! I could buy horse related items incessantly! There is very little available where I live, but the Internet makes it way too easy. I got a package from Greenhawk today! So exciting!

I’ve decided to move my girl to a facility with an indoor arena this winter. The same facility I started lessons at last year. My coach is going to teach lessons there again this winter and it’s only minutes from home. It will give me a lot more opportunity to ride and spend time with my Lexi over the winter. It also gave me a reason to shop! She will need a cooler if we ride indoors, so I started looking for one online. Well if one thing didn’t lead to another. Since I would have to pay shipping anyway, I may as well get a few things. Oh my! It sure was fun to receive my package today, but since placing my order I’ve now added several more items to my cart. Normally known for my frugality, I am at a loss as to what the heck happens to my self control when I look at horse stuff! It’s just too much fun!

You know that kid in a candy store feeling? It pulled me in. Some of today’s loot!

They had the saddle oil I was looking for so I had ordered some of that too. I brought my saddle home last weekend in anticipation of its arrival. I love getting it all shined up and looking like new again.

Is there any thing more satisfying than seeing your freshly cleaned and oiled saddle?

I still haven’t completed my next order. The number of items in my cart keeps multiplying! I should likely press the checkout tab soon…a kid in a candy store.

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