We’re back! I was finally able to get back in the saddle this weekend! It took every ounce of will power I had to refrain and stay at a walk, as I’m still recovering from my fall and would seriously set myself back again if I were to get carried away too soon. But WOW, it felt good to ride, even just for a short bit at a walk.

When I’m in the saddle I am completely in the moment. Unaware of my injury, or anyone around us. It’s just her and I and the world is ours. Communicating only with each other and existing only in the here and now. It’s the most amazing feeling.

Here we are just mounting up for the first time in six weeks. She gets ready to roll before I’m quite organized.

It’s been six weeks since my injury. I was concerned about leaving her sit so long, but the second I was on her back she knew. She perked up her ears and picked up her step. “I’m ready to work mom. Just give me the cue.” It was so tempting to take her up on it! She is such a willing sweet horse. Even if we weren’t able to work yet, it alleviated my fears that we might have trouble when I can get back at it. I think we’ll be able to pick up close to where we left off. She let me know she hasn’t forgotten me or the work we’ve done together. I’m so grateful to her for that.

The kids came out with me for the day. Lexi good-naturedly walked them around the arena. They were thrilled to have a ride. It was a lovely warm fall day and we all enjoyed our horsey time.

My daughter Amber’s first ride on Lexi. They make a great pair!

My youngest horse addict in the making! Milo may go western. He enthusiastically called out “Yee Haw” as he rode!

Alaiya just loves her time with Lexi. She’s so sweet and loving and Lexi just laps it up. These two have a special relationship.

It was a wonderful day sharing my passion with the people I love.

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