Well I bit the bullet and registered for our first show! My coach organized an extra practice at a jumping facility here in town. She hauled the horses in and I booked a vacation day from work to attend. It was exciting to get an opportunity to jump a full course!

Lexi and I got a few minutes to warm up. We started at a walk and moved to a trot and canter. Once she was warmed up a bit I popped her over a couple cross bars. She seemed to be going pretty good. My coach and the others joined us shortly. We worked over the cross bars and then adjusted the jumps and moved the height up.

We were having a pretty good practice! For awhile… toward the end of the afternoon Lexi and I got a bad take off on the first jump in a line, lost all momentum and I came off over the second jump when she performed a deer like leap over it. I do believe she cleared it though! I landed on my lower back – HARD. It wasn’t pretty. I convinced the ladies I didn’t need an ambulance. In hindsight that was likely not the best choice. Shock I think may have impaired my judgement somewhat. I did finally get up and made my way to a chair. My coach asked me questions I should know the answer to, I got most right. It’s very strange how the body reacts. I had a huge adrenaline rush so seemed somewhat ok but wasn’t really all there. You don’t realize how out of it you were until much later when you come around. I just wanted to get home and lay down.

Once I could get up I hugged my horse and told her it was alright and she was a good girl. The second I came off she just stopped and stood very still, looking at me as if to say “Sorry, are you ok?” One of the ladies was kind enough to look after her for me and get her untacked and haul her home. Thank you Jody!

I did finally get x-rays and blood work to be safe. Still awaiting the results but I’m feeling better all the time. Though I’m pretty disappointed that we will miss our first show. Not to mention the end of the nice riding weather. Fingers crossed we can still get some riding in before it turns cold.

While the timing is unfortunate, I’ve discovered that with every set back is a learning opportunity to come back a little wiser, a little stronger and hopefully a little better.

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