We are back! It’s been a month of struggles. My girl was reluctant to canter to the right and was hesitant at the jumps. It could have easily been misconstrued as behavioural, but when my coach got on her we quickly determined she may need a chiropractor. She had two treatments total, two weeks apart, and we’ve been taking it easy. It’s been close to a month with virtually no work and no jumping at all. I wanted to be patient and give her time to feel better, slowly bringing her back to 100%. Her chiropractor said she should be good to go this week so tonight we got back to work.

We had a great ride! We had so much fun! She loves to work and to jump. Her ears were up and she was happy. She was so responsive. She easily got into form and a nice working trot. Her transitions were smooth and easy. She responded simply to voice cues to canter back to trot and canter again! We even did some jumping! She didn’t hesitate or try to avoid them. She was fabulous!

It is a tremendous relief to have her feeling good again. I was so worried about her. She’s such a willing talented sweet girl. Just a true pleasure to ride. Tonight we both had a great time! It was wonderful to canter over the jumps again, and know she was having fun too! I’m so happy to have my girl back. I’ll be cautious not to work her too hard as we get back at it, but tonight was very positive. I do love working with her. It’s just wonderful to see her happy working again.

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