That is indeed my current question of the day. There is a show that is being organized locally for next month. It’s a fabulous opportunity to participate. I attended a jumping clinic in May organized by the same great group. They had mentioned they would be organizing a show for August. In May my thoughts were that we’d have all summer to get ready! What a fun goal, and amazing opportunity! Now with one month left my question is – Will we be ready?

We had a really fun lesson last night. There are three of us ladies practicing with our sites on the upcoming show. We all rode together for our lesson last night. They are much more experienced riders than I am, having ridden western for years, but we are all new to the English discipline. They are great fun to ride with and don’t seem to mind when I occasionally struggle a bit with some of the fundamentals. I love their quick witted humour, the opportunity to learn from one another and the camaraderie that comes from the common love of horses and working toward a goal together.

It was fun to have three working horses in the arena plus our coach on her mount. It kept it interesting and was good experience for both Lexi and I to learn to navigate the other horses and riders. Both Lexi and I are beginners, so most things we do are a first for us! It’s exciting when we accomplish each first, but I’m never a 100% sure how each first will go? Having other riders to work with and learn from is helpful and really a lot of fun. I’m fortunate to have found a great group!

We stuck with flat work last night working mainly on our transitions. Lexi just had the chiropractor work on her again the day before so needs a few days before we start jumping again. The good news is that she should be good to go next week! I’m excited to get working with her again! We struggled a bit last night. She did everything she was asked albeit a bit reluctantly, and I had difficulty maintaining a working trot and getting her into canter. I’ll give her the benefit of a doubt that she was still a bit sore from her treatment the day before. She’s generally pretty willing and tries hard. If she’s reluctant I tend to believe she may have a reason. I’ll see how she goes on Tuesdays lesson. She loves to jump – we both do – so that will be a good tell. I’m already looking forward to it!

When you hear the phrase “It’s Never Too Late” it really is true. I had hoped to one day accomplish all that we have so far. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to come as far as I have already and look forward to each ride and all that comes with this wonderful experience. The thrill of the accomplishments along with the lessons I learn from the struggles and challenges. The wonderful horse people I’m meeting along the way and the relationships I’m forming. It’s truly never too late to follow your dreams and find your bliss.

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