Well my girl seems to be getting back on track. I went out Sunday just to spend some time with her. We had a lovely morning. She was easy to catch, which is her normal. I put her halter on and we headed down to the arena. We walked around, slowly incorporating circles, winding inward and then outward. To the left, to the right. She seemed to have some stiffness to the right still, but was quite perky and being her high stepping cheeky self. A positive sign in my view.

I’m pretty new to horses, but have many years experience as a mom, and strangely some of the same principles seem to apply. Common sense, instinct, paying attention to any changes in behaviour, patience and a whole lot of love; all seem applicable when you’re responsible for someone who can’t speak for themselves. Every child is different as is every horse. Getting to know their normal and know when something is off with them and using trial and error to narrow down what it might be. Asking questions, doing research and learning from others prior experiences are all very familiar processes. A familiarity that is comforting. It’s strange when your children grow up and all those skills you worked so hard to hone are no longer needed. My Lexi has given me the opportunity to utilize those skills again.

I went out to see her again last night. I saddled her up this time and we walked down to the arena. Once inside I hopped on. We walked following the same processes as we used on Sunday. She seemed fine with it. We decided to head out for a short trail ride. It was a really hot day and would be cooler walking through the trees.

We had a lovely ride. It was cooler out there and Lexi perked right up. Her ears were up, she was doing her high step and walking at a brisk pace. She seemed her “normal” self. I kept her at a walk as we toured around winding our way back to the arena.

When we got back, Tessa was working a new Pony “Ted” for some clients. He is a lovely black Welsh cross. Just a gorgeous fellow. Lexi and I joined them in the arena. We had been out for about an hour with no sign of difficulty from my girl so I decided to bring her to a trot to see how she went. She seemed good. We started to the left, over a few poles, back to a walk. To the right, brought her to a trot, over a few poles, back to a walk. A bit reluctant but much improved over Thursday. She wasn’t having any of that on Thursday’s ride.

Going forward we’ll get her chiropractor out for a follow up and work wise just dial it back a bit and pay attention to how she responds before I get her working and jumping again. But I’m very happy to say we seem to be getting back on track!

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