My Lexi girl was full of vim and vigor tonight! Ripping around kicking up her heels and playing with the other horses! It was a nice cool evening when I arrived tonight with just a sprinkle of rain. We stood under the awning for a bit watching the horses and waiting for the weather to clear. And WOW were they having fun!! It was such a delight to see her play. Clearly, she’s feeling great! They are just such magnificent creatures. I was just in awe of their beauty and grace as they raced around jumping and kicking up their heels! I had as much fun watching their antics as they did performing them!

Once the rain stopped I went out to fetch Lexi and tack her up. She was so relaxed and amiable tonight. We had our visit as I brushed her out and got her ready for our ride. We had a great ride tonight. We started in the arena. I wanted to practice the canter and work on our transitions a bit. It went really well! It’s so satisfying to have a productive ride and see our progress. I moved a jump into place to get a little practice in the arena before we went out to work on the cross country course. She was a little cheeky and tried to avoid it a couple times, but we worked through it and I had her going over straight up the middle several times before we moved out of the arena.

We headed out on the trail and made our way over to the course. I brought her to a canter, around the bend down the small hill and around to the first jump. We had set up a “ditch” with a tarp and a couple of poles. She jumped it last week, but it took her by surprise tonight and she shied away. We regrouped, walked over to it, showed it to her and circled back to try it again. This time, over she went! We stayed in a canter, up the hill and around the bend. She picked up speed considerably on the straight away! It was about then I decided I should teach her the voice command for “half halt”! She knows the voice cue for walk, trot, canter. Half halt would’ve really come in handy. I got her slowed to a trot and we worked a bit more over some logs before we decided to cool out with a walk along the trails.

The sun had come out and the evening had turned beautiful for a ride. There’s just no better feeling than having a really productive session followed up with some quality time chilling with your horse out on the trail.

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