We’ve started a little cross country. My awesome coach designed and set up a course for us to practice last week. I was so excited to utilize it! I went out to spend the day Friday.

To my surprise, for the first time Lexi wasn’t keen on being caught. She didn’t take long but walked away from me a few times before she let me put her halter on. It was so unlike her.  I tacked her up and headed out to the trails and over to the course at a walk. Once out in the grass we discovered the mosquitoes were really thick and a bit savage, so decided we better go back for some spray.

We struck out again and I brought her to a trot. She seemed to stumble a bit when going to the right. I asked her if something was wrong or if she was just being Lexi. We tried the trot again, to the left then to the right. Again a bit of a stumble. She seemed to be favouring one foot. I felt sick in the the pit of my stomach, concerned for my girl.  I quickly jumped off and walked her back. Tessa was out with the other horses. I asked her to see what she thought. She was so great! She put Lexi on the lunge right away to see how she went. She agreed, something was off. She checked her feet and legs. There were no visible signs of anything amiss. She was fine walking or trotting straight. Just trotting in a circle to the right she seemed a bit bothered. So I decided that instead of my much anticipated practice on the new course, it was a better idea to join the little girls for a short trail ride on the soft grass at a walk. We did have a lovely time.

I gave Lexi a day to rest and went out the following day to see how she was. I confess I was a bit anxious about it, feeling a bit like a new mother with no idea what I’m doing, or what’s normal or what might be a concern.  Sleep eluded me the past two nights. While I’m totally confident that she couldn’t be in better hands where she is, and am so grateful she has such great care, I conceded that I just needed to spend some time with her if I was going to get any sleep. She was laying down when I arrived. I walked over and gave her a rub by the ears. She seemed very lethargic, so I just spent a few minutes talking to her and rubbing her neck to give her a chance to perk up.

In the meantime Gunner, a gorgeous buckskin, was back from the pasture and ever so curious about what we were doing. He would nudge Lexi then come and nudge me. Every time I looked up from Lexi, there was Gunner – an inch from my face. I missed him while he was away. He is such a sweet character, he always gives me a giggle.  I gave Gunner some love and then turned my attention back to Lexi.

I slipped her halter on and got serious that she should get up now. She’s been asleep when I arrived in the past, but always jumps right up. Not today. She put her head back down after I had her halter on and had no inclination to get up. I coaxed a bit then gave her a few good tugs. Now I was getting concerned. Tessa came over to investigate and to my relief, up Lexi went. We decided to watch her to see if she perked up. She wasn’t her usual self but did come around after several minutes. I decided to take her for a walk on the lead and just spend a little time with her. We wandered down to the arena. She started being her cheeky self. Her head was up, her ears forward, her pace quicker. I took her into the arena. I lunged her at a trot, to the right, to the left. No sign of any limping or discomfort. While it was apparent she wasn’t quite herself, and we’ll keep a close eye on her, I felt reassured that she didn’t have anything serious going on.  I walked her back, gave her some luvs and carrots and turned her out. I’ll sleep tonight…

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