We had a good ride last night! Every ride I learn a bit more. Not just about the technicalities of riding but about my horse, and more importantly, about myself. This magnificent intuitive intelligent creature has been my greatest teacher in my life thus far. In the short time we’ve been together I have learned more than all my past years put together.

I have learned that riding is a process of being completely in control and completely out of control at the same time. It’s a process of teamwork trust and handling the unexpected with calm quiet confidence. I’ve learned that sometimes things happen that have nothing to do with anything I did or didn’t do. I’ve learned that sometimes it is. I’ve learned that sometimes we’ll have a bad ride temporarily shaking my confidence and sometimes it will be amazing leaving me with a feeling that I can accomplish anything. But always it’s a learning experience that I can’t get enough of.

The other day Lexi spooked. She pulled and snapped the metal ring on her halter like a toothpick with very little effort at all. The realization of her strength was surprisingly sobering. She’s such a gentle sweet soul, but could seriously injure my small frame with very little effort if she were so inclined. The process of learning to trust her and work with her and ask so much of her knowing her tremendous strength is an exercise in confidence.

Last week she had been put in a temporary fence to graze on the new green grass, when suddenly she got the urge to check out the grass on the other side. She casually trotted up to the fence and cleared it with ease. I consider this when we jump in the arena. If she were to decide to suddenly jump “big” I know she can do it from a trot. She would surely leave me behind! I am surprised by the confidence and trust I find in myself as we approach our jump and manoeuvre our way over together. It’s an amazing experience!

Learning to be observant of her signs and mannerisms. To watch her posture, ears and eyes. To attempt to anticipate her present state of mind. These are all very necessary to have a safe and positive experience with her. She has taught me to slow down and pay attention. To both her and I. To get to a place where we are in synch.

Whether it’s riding, grooming, leading, catching, or just hanging out, I’m constantly learning. Every moment and every experience with her is a priceless one!

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