When I started this riding adventure I had no idea if it would be a fleeting past time or something I would enjoy enough to invest in. After several months with my lesson horse it became apparent to me that I was going to want my own horse and the whole experience that goes along with that.

When I found my Lexi, I was so excited, but also realized the commitment I was making. Both in time and money. I also knew from my lessons that the more I rode, the more time I wanted to spend doing it. I knew that I was developing a friendship with my lesson horse and wanted to the experience of developing a partnership with my own horse.

To date it has been the best investment I ever made. It’s fun to invest in myself and something I sincerely enjoy. It’s fun to invest in Lexi and see how much she can accomplish. The more time I spend with her, the more time I want to spend with her. We have some days that are more challenging than others, but every one of them is a learning experience and leaves me looking forward to our next ride. We occasionally have our struggles as we both learn, but we always end our ride on a positive note and I always leave feeling we’ve accomplished something.

My horse has reinforced the things I truly believe in, including myself. She gives me her trust, her effort, her love, and I give it in return. I appreciate the commitment we have and the bond we are forming. I appreciate the honesty of our friendship. I appreciate the opportunity to feel the thrill of the ride and the sense of accomplishment. I appreciate the time in the country, the fresh air and the exercise. I appreciate the people I’ve had opportunity to meet and the people I will continue to meet. They have all been amazing inspiring people.

So yes, I still have all the other things in my life that I had before, family, work, friends. My new venture truly makes me happy and has just enhanced and improved every other aspect of my life.

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