This new world of horses and the people in it never ceases to surprise and amaze me. I had the privilege of meeting a most unique lady today. My coach had made arrangements for a dentist to come out to do all of the horses teeth. She had a lady from about three hours away recommended and decided to have her come. Lexi needed to partake so I went out in the morning. They had Guinness in the shoot and were working on him when I arrived. It looked like quite an endeavour as the dentist ,Tessa and our fellow rider and boarder Casey were all working to get the job done. It was 30 degrees Celsius and this dedicated 76 year old dentist named Margaret had six horses to do the first day and six the following day. She did each of them with the same dedication and passion, determined to give each horse the same care she would if it were her own. It is very physical precise work and I marvelled at her dedication, thankful that she was the person I was to trust with my Lexi girl.

The following day was lesson day. It had been another scorcher and Tessa had been out in the heat working with the dentist all day. I arrived for my lesson after work. She was just finishing up with another student. I fetched Lexi who had found some shade in the trees at the far end of the paddock. She greeted me and easily let me slip her halter on and lead her out of the paddock. I tacked her up and headed for the arena. We started working where we had left off Saturday. She was getting much easier to get into frame and even seemed eager to canter.

Shortly thereafter after Tessa and her girls joined us. Gabby on trusty Coolio and Tessa leading the pony Bailey with two year old Arizona very happily perched on his back. Gabby rides like a seasoned rider as she is schooled regularly by Tessa. She easily cantered Coolio around the arena. She seemed pleased we got to ride together as was I. We worked for awhile and then Gabby asked me “Do you want to jump?”

“YES”! I replied. Oh we had great fun jumping the cross rails and cantering around the arena! Tessa suggested I ride the two point position in canter. As soon as I was in position it was as if I hit the turbo button on Lexi! Oh my what fun she was to ride as she seemingly flew around the arena! In my mind I felt like a jockey racing my triple crown winner around the track! It was very exciting!


It was getting late as the evening quickly passed. It was such a gorgeous evening now that it had cooled off some, and we were just having such fun. “One more please Mom” Gabby would ask and I’d chime in “Yes just one more.” We were incorrigible! Poor Tessa had had two exceptionally busy hot days filled with very demanding work,  and still she indulged us and enjoyed our antics as much as we did late into the evening!  We finally conceded that it was time to go in, but what a blast we had! Gabby and I were both grinning ear to ear!

We walked the horses back up and rinsed them off to get the sweat off and cool them down. Our long summer evenings are just amazing. It’s hard not to take advantage of each one to the fullest, and we all squeezed every minute out of last nights gift.


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