My Lexi Girl and I got to spend the day together! It was a lovely day, not too hot with a light breeze to keep the bugs away. When I arrived I said hello to her over the fence. Lexi was busy grazing away on the hay. I tease her that she reminds me of my chocolate lab. A little food oriented. Surprisingly it was Spirit who poked his nose over the fence to say hello. He is a horse my coach is working with for his owner. He hasn’t been handled much and was not very trusting when he arrived. It was quite remarkable that he was the one coming up to greet me and looking for some attention. She has brought him so far so quickly! It’s just remarkable!

I retrieved Lexi’s halter and wandered into the paddock. She and Ocean, a lovely warmblood owned by my coach, have become good friends and seem to spend their time in close proximity of each other. Ocean reluctantly let me move Lexi away from him and slip her halter on. She good naturedly let me put her halter on and lead her out of the paddock.
We had our little visit as I brushed her out and tacked her up. She seems to enjoy the grooming, rubs and quiet chatter as I bestow copious amounts of affection on her. I’m just always so happy to see her. I love the time we spend together. I can’t imagine anything I’d rather be doing and each time feel so grateful and privileged for the opportunity.

My coach was finishing up with another student, so we headed down to the arena on our own. We picked up where we left off on Thursday working on getting her into frame and practising our transitions. Soon my coach joined us on Gunner. He’s a gorgeous buckskin owned by another boarder. He’s only three and Tessa has been working with him. He’s come so far! He has beautiful form and they looked awesome as she skillfully maneuvered him around the arena. They were quite something to watch. It inspires me and gives me goals to work towards. I hope to one day ride so smoothly. She gave me some guidance as we rode, and gave me tips to work on. They finished their session and Lexi and I carried on. She hadn’t been working nearly as long as Gunner, so was good to work a bit more. We trotted and cantered, trying to consistently keep her frame and soften through our transitions. We made good progress today. Now that I understand better what I need to do I can spend the time practicing to improve.

After our session I decided we should try a trail ride to cool out. I had my cel phone this time in the event all went awry, so off we went!

She did so great!! She was a bit anxious off and on but I talked to her softly as we went and told her she was a good girl. We ventured all through the pasture and trees. Up towards the road and even past the cows! She was great. She kept a close eye on the cows and wasn’t entirely comfortable with them deciding to follow us, but she was very well behaved. It was a great adventure and another first for us! I’d ultimately like to try a little cross country over logs and such, so this was very encouraging that she’ll be good with that.

The afternoon was wearing on so I reluctantly conceded that it was likely time to head in. We stopped by the arena and I hopped off and grabbed my water bottle. Tessa was at the paddock when we returned. We had opportunity for a visit while I untacked Lexi and turned her out. I gave her sweet little girls a hug goodbye and headed home.

It was truly a lovely day!

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