We had a good ride last night!

Tuesday had been a really hot day. Lexi and I were both a bit off that evening and didn’t accomplish much in the way of work, but we had a very nice time. My two riding partners, my coaches daughters, age 2 on her pony and age 4 on Coolio were great fun! Those little girls are going to grow up to be fantastic riders. They already love their ponies and ride while being coached by their mom. It’s amazing to watch.

Last night a new rider joined me for my lesson. It was fun to have two of us working in the arena and I felt like we accomplished a lot. My coach is teaching me how to keep Lexi in frame and get the correct bend.


The difference in her trot and canter is Night and Day when we get it right. And last night we did! It was a real “Eureka” moment as I began to understand the position I wanted her in and how to get her there. Her canter is just lovely when I have her in frame and her transitions are smooth and controlled. I’m never certain if it’s me or her or our combination when we’re not getting it right, but last night we were both on it! It’s so exciting when we click and get it together. I was very pleased with our session last night and a little relieved to experience her lovely canter. We are still getting to know each other, and her canter to date has been hard for me to ride. Clearly I wasn’t giving her the direction she needed as I’m still learning too, and she’s so young she needs the consistent direction. With my coaches help and awesome eye on the ground we are really getting there though!! Last night felt like another breakthrough! I love the feeling that Lexi and I are becoming a real team.

I am looking forward to the long weekend and an opportunity for some extra Horsey time!

Once we’ve had a breakthrough I’d like to keep our momentum going. That, and there’s nothing better than horsing around!

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