This week my coach was away, so Lexi and I were on our own. I arrived on a gorgeous evening after work. My coach spends a lot of her time out with the horses so they noticed her absence. They were at the far end of the paddock, when I arrived. They all came galloping up toward me. Kicking up their heels with glee. It was quite the awesome welcome! I do believe they thought it was supper time. They had plenty of hay but get their supplements in their buckets in the evening. I had a hard time explaining that I didn’t have access to – or know – what they got,and that they’d have to wait for Tessa, as they crowded around looking so hopeful and expectant.

I tacked up Lexi and walked her down to the arena. The cows were back now that it was spring, and they are new to Lexi. She was quite concerned with the few who were grazing just beyond the arena in the trees. I worked to get her focused on our session but each time we came around the end of the arena nearest the cows she would look to the trees and jump to the side. She was convinced these cows were in fact serial killer cows! I laughed and told her it’s a good thing she went into the English discipline. Western work with cows would have been terrifying.
She did relax a bit after we were there awhile, still I decided against a trail ride to cool out after our session. I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction she might have to encountering those scary cows up close. I had left my phone in the car and we were out there on our own. I may not be found for days should things go awry.

I was provided much entertainment as I untacked Lexi and packed up to leave. The other horses were still waiting for their supper. They were quite the group as they looked longingly over the fence occasionally kicking their buckets seemingly to say “Excuse me. Did you forget something?!” I’ll know better than to go out empty handed again. They are an entertaining lovable group of horses. It’s hard not to fall in love with each and every one of them

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