I’m so proud of my Lexi girl! We had our first clinic this weekend. It was a Jumping clinic put on locally so it was a perfect start for us. I wasn’t sure how she’d be in a new environment with lots going on. It was a first for both of us! The clinic ran Saturday and Sunday. My coach brought the horses in Friday night which was nice. It gave me a chance to go over Friday after work to spend some time with Lexi and let her know I was going to be there.

Saturday arrived. I was very excited. I was looking forward to having the whole weekend to spend with my horse. The clinic was held only minutes from my house, so I could see her as often as I liked! I board her about an hour away so this was a real treat to have her so close! I wasn’t scheduled to ride until eleven but went over early to spend some time getting us both oriented before we rode. I went over to her paddock to say hello and see how she was doing before going over to the arena. Riders started at nine so it was already in full swing. Lexi was with her buddy Coolio and seemed pretty relaxed. She came over to me and had a scratch behind the ears. She’s such a sweet horse. We had our little visit and I headed over to the arena. I met the organizers and watched a bit of the ongoing session. We still had lots of time but I wanted some time with Lexi to make sure she was relaxed and comfortable. She’s still so young at five and this was her first clinic. I really wanted to set her up for success. I spent time brushing her out and softly chatting with her. She loves being brushed and it totally relaxed her. I tacked her up leaving her girth nice and loose to go for a walk around and get acquainted with her surroundings and all the action. She was very alert and a bit high stepping as we wandered around. I took her into the large grassy arena that wasn’t being used. I led her around the arena a few times. Once she seemed more settled I tightened her girth and hopped on. She was alert and high stepping but responsive to my direction and well behaved. The lady I was scheduled to ride with joined us and we did a little warm up. We soon headed over to the jumping arena.

We had a productive session! We did some work over poles and worked on our canter transitions. Lexi was very responsive and all went really well. I was so proud of her!

I stayed to watch some of the little ones I know ride. Ages four and seven! They were awesome and so cute! It’s amazing to see these little ones ride! Their horses are so awesome to handle these little ones with care. They rode like little pros!

Sunday. It was mentioned we would up the Ante for Sunday’s session and be working over jumps. I have never jumped before. Lexi had been started over jumps prior to me buying her in March. So another first for us! I had dreamed for years that one day I would have my own horse and we would jump together! Today was that day!

I took her into the arena to warm up prior to beginning the session. She was more relaxed today and we were feeling good. My riding partner joined us and we began. Over some poles, and up to the cross rails. I had no idea what to expect, but over we went! It was awesome!

Our coach kept upping the ante as we got in the groove. Over two jumps and then two poles! Three jumps, canter on the short, half halt, look to the next jump, aim for the centre, up and over!! By the end of the session we had raised the bars and were jumping a full course of cross rails! It was the most fun you can have on four legs! Absolutely exhilarating! My girl did so great! We sailed over our jumps with ease. She’s so agile and forgiving! Amazing for a horse so green to do so well with a first time jumper. We really do connect though. This experience has been really good for us as a team. We are learning to communicate and trust each other. I feel like together we can accomplish most anything!

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