We rocked it tonight!! I’m so excited! I found the perfect saddle and bought it on Saturday. I did copious hours of research these past months and agonized over what was a reasonable amount to spend. I found a used saddle that fit the exact description of what I was looking for, but even used it was pretty pricey. The sellers live five hours from me, but I had plans to attend The Mane Event in Red Deer on the weekend with my coach and a few fellow riders. My coach was doing a clinic while she was there so had her horse with her. They happily agreed to meet me there, enabling me to try it on my coaches horse and get her opinion on it. It was in such good shape and was a really good deal for what I was getting, so I took the plunge and bought it! They came down a bit in their asking price so I bought some stirrups I had been eyeing up at one of the vendors at the event. I couldn’t wait to get home to try it on Lexi, holding my breath that it would be the fit I thought it would.

I went out Sunday to try it. It was Night and Day the improvement in my balance and comfort. It fit Lexi like a glove and is so light weight. Her movement and comfort is better too. We had a rocky start to our session Sunday as we both got used to it and I found my seat, but we both got so much better by the end of our session that we ended on a really good note. I was so excited with our progress I went out after work again tonight! Wow! We just rocked it! She was so responsive now that I was balanced and had a solid seat! Tonight we cantered with ease and I stayed solid. Her transitions were smooth and controlled. We did some work over poles and kept our steady working trot, transitioning to canter, back to trot! I am so pleased. She did great and I’m so relieved I’m going to be able to ride properly without bouncing around and give her the direction she needs. I really agonized over the decision, but for anyone struggling with the same decision, I can say without hesitation that it was worth every penny. Considering what I’ve already put into this adventure it would have been a real disservice to both myself and Lexi to have cheaped out on equipment as critical as a proper saddle. If you can swing it, it sure is a worthwhile investment in both yourself and your horse.

I can’t wait to go out again tomorrow and keep moving those goal posts this summer! It is so exciting to see what we can accomplish together. She’s such a great horse! I strive to be the rider she deserves!

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