Tonight was extra special! I took my granddaughter Alaiya out to meet my Lexi. It was a gorgeous evening. Warm and sunny and calm. She was so excited to meet Mia’s horse! She thought it was extra special that she is the same age as Lexi almost to the day! They both turned five in March. My sister also came so was a big help with an extra set of eyes and hands with a little one around.

Alaiya helped me brush Lexi out, while I held her up high enough to reach. She thought that was pretty cool. I’d love for her to find a love for horses too. My sister entertained her while I tacked Lexi up and we headed for the arena.

I worked Lexi for a short while to get her relaxed and focused, while they watched. Every time I’d come around Alaiya would sweetly ask, “can I ride her now?” Once I felt confident Lexi was completely relaxed and paying attention to me, I hopped off. My sister lifted Alaiya up onto Lexi’s back while I held her. I slowly walked them around standing beside Alaiya. Lexi was an angel. She’s very gentle and sweet. She seemed to be extra careful with a little one as I led her around. Alaiya was thrilled! Though she mentioned she’d like to go slow. I agreed. Slow would be best. The saddle has a handle for her to hold and I was beside her so no risk of her coming off, but I was impressed she had the respect for Lexi to know to be cautious. It was a wonderful moment to share with her.

Then it was my sisters turn. We had a bit of a struggle with the leg up but we got her in the saddle! I led them around the arena and got a photo opp. It’s been many years since she’s gotten  on a horse! She enjoyed reliving her horsey days! It was fun to share it with her.

All too soon we headed black and and untacked her, brushed her and turned her out. Alaiya said her goodbyes and we left.

I enjoyed her chatter on the way home. She raved about what a good girl Lexi is. Then I really got to hear the excitement when she told her mom all about her fun time with Lexi. It was a very special evening with some very special girls.


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