It was a gorgeous evening tonight. When I arrived for my lesson Lexi was at the far end of the paddock behind the trees. She’s usually munching away at the bale of hay and barely notices as I walk up and slip her halter on. My first thought was that I might have a challenge tonight since she wasn’t distracted by the hay. I walked over to the paddock and called. “Hey Lexi girl! What’re you doing way over there?” She looked up and came walking over to me right away. “Hi Mom! Glad to see you”. She let me rub her ears and slip the halter on, as I quietly told her how nice it was to see her. She’s such a sweetheart.

After a long day and long week at work, the sense of peace and relaxation I feel when I spend time with her is just something you can’t put a price on. I brushed her out and scratched her ears. She just revels in the attention. She’s so funny when I groom her. She’s visibly goes “Ahhhh yup right there.” She’s just awesome.

There was a lesson underway when I arrived and they were running a bit late so I decided to tack her up and see how she’d go if we hacked out alone. We headed out toward the pasture and trails. She was a little spooky but nothing serious. She wasn’t calling out for her buddies but did glance back periodically. We went back and forth a few times venturing just a little further each time as I got her to relax. When she seemed more comfortable with the idea we ventured out on the trail. She was a bit anxious but overall did really great! We’re going to have a lovely time on the trails this summer. She’s coming along really well with it!

We found an area where the snow was melted off and the ground dry to do a little work. I wanted to build on what we did our last lesson. She was still out of sight of the other horses but was calm enough now I felt we could work and have a positive productive experience. We worked on our walk trot transitions. Me focusing on keeping my hands still and steering with my legs. When My hands get busy or too high she gets annoyed and puts her ears back. It’s so awesome to get to know her and have her remind me when I’m screwing up. I love getting to know each other and learning to work together well. I didn’t let her trot in the direction of the other horses as I knew she was anxious to get back to them, and I’m still getting to know her so don’t know if she may be inclined to bolt back to her buddies. We worked trotting away from them for awhile first. Once I felt she was focused on our session I had her trot in both directions. She’d get a bit quick but I was quickly able to bring her back. I’m able to manage her and get her focused and relaxed.

I still can’t believe how incredibly fortunate I am to have a horse of my very own. One I think is just perfect. Perfect for me anyway. I’m so glad we found each other.  I just love her!

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