We had a great week! The weather permitted me to get out to ride three times this week! Tuesdays lesson we had to work through some minor issues. Being so young and having only been able to ride once a week since I got her, Lexi and I were both a bit off our game. But we worked through it and by the end of our lesson were getting our rhythm back. She was a bit hot and spooky to start but it was good to know I could manage her and bring her back around, with the guidance of my awesome lesson coach of course!

Thursdays lesson was very productive! Lexi was very responsive and we made good progress. It is so awesome to see us both progress together. She is just the perfect horse for me. Enough to challenge me but I’m never afraid on her. It’s so much fun to get to know her and learn to trust each other. We were on such a roll I didn’t get home until nearly ten that night. Good thing the sun went down or I may have never left. I’m really going to enjoy these long summer evenings with her.

Saturday was awesome! It was warm and sunny and I had the whole day to spend with her! It was so nice having been out regularly through the week, we were still in the groove and she was great. I still haven’t got all my tack yet so am borrowing a saddle and girth from my coach until I get mine. I did get a bridle and have a girth and saddle pad ordered. I’m hoping to find a saddle I like when I go to the city in a couple of weeks. She had all of the horses out yesterday so we were short a girth for my saddle, so I gave bareback a try! It was a great experience. Lexi was pretty calm having been ridden through the week, so I decided the risk was fairly low and I wanted to see how she went bareback. In some ways it was nicer. She could feel my leg easier and was very responsive to it. I found the connection with her much better.  We could both better understand each other. I’d like to find a saddle that doesn’t hinder my leg contact with her. She’s very good with the leg when she can feel it and I know better what direction to give her. She had one spook when one of the dogs bounded out of the bushes beside us. But  I stayed on! Yay! It was over quickly and I’m able to manage her. Though I think it gave the others there a bit of a start. No one knows how I’ll handle it until it happens. Including me! Only one way to learn. I will only do what I feel is safe, while still trying things and progressing with her. I’m optimistic we will be a good team. She is just a lovely sweet horse.

I did tack her up later and we worked in the arena for a bit and then took her out on the trail. I want her to get comfortable going out for trail rides. She did great. I took her a short way several times while the other riders tacked up. She went really well. She wasn’t anxious leaving her buddies this time. We should be trail riding on our own in no time! The others were soon ready and out we went! It was a gorgeous warm sunny day! We meandered through the pasture and along the trails through the trees with all the dogs following alongside. Other riders are welcome to bring their dogs out when they come. The dogs just have a fabulous time! Frolicking in the snow and following us on our ride. It’s so great they can come and get out of the city for a fun country day! There is nothing I could enjoy more than a warm day in the country with horses, kids, and dogs!! It was a very nice day.

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