This may be shaping up to be the year that spring didn’t come to Canada. Minus 18 this morning on the way to work. Thankfully there’s finally a little heat in the sun and it warmed up to minus 7 in the afternoon. It’s been too cold to ride since last week. I was pretty excited to head out to see my Lexi girl after work. I was curious to see how she was after a week off. The plan was to ride a minimum of three days a week. Who would have guessed temperatures would plummet to minus 27 with the wind in April!

She was hanging out munching on hay when I arrived. She let me walk right up to her and put her halter on while gently prying her away from the hay. She was very good natured about it and gave up her hay to follow me out of the paddock. With the sun shining it was nice enough to spend some time brushing her out. She had clearly been rolling in the straw. It was even stuck all over her face. I got her cleaned up and chatted with her, so happy to be there. It was a long week in between visits. Honestly my time out in the country with my own horse is just a piece of paradise for me. I’m so completely content and in the moment when I’m there. It’s an unbelievable feeling. That sense of peace and happiness carries me through the rest of the days in such a much better frame of mind. She really has improved every area of my life.

I got her tacked up and my lesson coach came out to start our lesson. I really have to give her credit. She toughs out the cold and manages her little children and horses and lessons and does it all with such passion and grace. I am so fortunate to have found her. She is the reason this has been and continues to be such an amazing positive experience. I learn so much from her and have a lot of fun doing it. She is just fabulous.

Riding Lexi is proving to be a totally different experience than riding my lesson horse. We are learning about each other as we go with kindness, patience and gentleness.  She is such a sweet horse and very forgiving as I figure out her buttons.  She is patient and tries as she figures out what I’m asking.  Even after the first twenty minutes we were getting a rhythm and figuring each other out. She is so intuitive and tries so hard. I really want her to have fun when we ride too. My coach was happy with how relaxed she was even after a week off. Lexi did seem to enjoy herself almost as much as I did. She likes to try and be praised when she does well. She is very loving and responsive to positive reinforcement. She is so well suited to me. I look forward to us getting to know each other and finding our rhythm.


One thought on “Finding Our Rhythm

  1. Getting acquainted and finding your rhythm ….sounds like things are unfolding just as they should. As for the weather…..We are coming home to southern Ontario next week. I hope it has warmed up by then!

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