Last night was lesson night! It was storming at noon and the roads were treacherous. It wasn’t looking good to make the hour drive out of the city after work. Then later afternoon the snow stopped and the roads cleared off. My awesome lesson coach texted to say she was still game if I was. So out I went. It was still a bit chilly. Minus 9 Celsius, but I layered up and happily headed out after work. The roads were clear the whole way so I wasn’t worried about the drive home after dark.

My Lexi girl was munching away on hay with the other horses when I arrived. I was glad to see she had her blanketed. It had been a pretty nasty day with the freezing rain turning to snow and a brutal biting cold wind. The wind had died down by evening, but it was still pretty cold. She let me walk up and throw the rope around her neck while she munched away. It took a little persuasion to pry her away from the bale, but she was very good natured as I put her halter on. I led her out of the paddock and tied her, rubbing her neck and talking to her while we walked. She is such a sweet soul. She’s so gentle and just laps up the love. I board her where I have lessons. She is very involved with the horses and Lexi has already wound her way into her heart. It’s so nice to know she is where she is loved and well cared for when I can’t be there.

I managed to get her tacked up taking breaks to put my heavy mitts back on and regain the feeling in my fingers. It was still light out but the temperature drops after six. My coach came out once I was ready. She said we would ride at the outdoor arena tonight. It would be good to see how Lexi was away from the other horses. She struggled to get the gate open with the heavy snow holding it closed, but did manage to get it open. I rode Lexi into the arena. The snow was quite deep, especially on the north side as it had drifted up with the storms we’ve been having. I walked her around the arena breaking a trail through the deep snow as we went. Lexi was fabulous. She didn’t hesitate or spook at all. I could tell she was a little anxious being the first time in the arena and away from the other horses. She poops when she’s nervous. Everyone has their own response to stress, and that’s hers. She was alert but very responsive and good natured. After walking her around a couple times and guaging the depth of snow throughout the arena my coach instructed to bring her up to a trot. It was quite deep, but Lexi good naturedly transitioned to a trot through the drifts. She has quite a fancy trot to begin with, but through that deep snow she was really high stepping. I could t help but burst into giggles as we pranced around. Lexi was so good natured about it. She just perked her ears and said “Ok, if you guys are sure then I’m in” . The snow was more reasonable on the south side of the arena, so we stuck to that side and worked on her transitions for the remainder of the lesson. I was impressed with how well she did with her transitions. She’s very responsive off the leg. She’s quite young, so totally exceeds my expectations every time I ride her. Each time I see Lexi I’m just more thrilled with what a perfect fit she is for me. She’s very sweet and calm on the ground, but happy to work and really fun to ride. She’s light on her feet and ready to go. She has an awesome fancy trot that is so much fun to ride.

All too soon it was getting dark. We headed back to the paddock. I untacked her and gave her a quick brush. I checked to make sure she wasn’t wet before I blanketed her. She was dry, so I cozied her in her winter blanket before turning her out.

I was surprised to realize we had been out there for two hours. I hadn’t been cold at all while riding. We were working pretty hard with that fancy trot through the snow. Just the tacking and untacking left me with numb fingers and cold toes.

I smiled all the way back to the city. My Lexi Girl was just such a joy to spend time with. She really was a great find. I couldn’t love her more. Until next time…

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