What an amazing week! I found my forever horse and she’s just perfect for me! I’m completely smitten with her. We went and picked her up Monday. It was a full day to get her and bring her home, so I booked Tuesday off work and spent the day with her. She was so amazing. She just settled right into her new home with no issues at all. She got along great with all the other horses. She came to me as soon as I got there. I wanted to take my time and go slow to let her get used to me. We had a visit over the fence before I went to get her halter. When I entered the paddock she again came right up to me and let me put her halter on to lead her out of the paddock. She’s so calm and relaxed and very sweet. I brushed her out and took her for a walk. I wanted to show her around and get a sense of how she was feeling about all the changes and spend a little time with me before we rode. She did great. She got a bit anxious when the other horses were out of sight so we just took it slow. I would take her back to them and then go again just a bit further each time. Each time she got more relaxed with the idea. I then brushed her again before I tacked her up. She LOVES being groomed. She gets so relaxed! She looks like someone having an amazing massage! Her eyes droop, her head relaxes, actually you can feel her whole body relax. It’s awesome! She just soaks up the love and attention. After a nice long grooming/massage session I tacked her up. She was pretty alert but not spooky. Two other riders joined us for a short trail ride. She did awesome! While she remained alert she never spooked or behaved badly in any way. She’s a young horse, just five this spring, so I was very impressed with her calm demeanor. She’s had a nice start. She moves off the leg, has her w/t/c transitions and has started over fences. I think the sky is the limit for what I will be able to do with her. She has lovely movement, and I’m enjoying her fancy trot. I need to improve my strength and skills for us to progress but I can already see it won’t take long. I went out again after work on Thursday for an actual lesson. We put her on the lunge and practiced her trot. That was the first I’ve lunged with her and again, she was amazing.

Today is Saturday and after our blizzard yesterday, thankfully it was a gorgeous spring day. I went out and spent the day with her. She was sleeping when I got there. Basking in the warm sun. I visited with the other horses, all of whom came up to greet me while she lay resting in the straw. I talked to her while I rubbed the others noses and necks until she was ready to get up and come say hello. I want to give her time to get to know me and to come to me for a rub on her own, and she did. Again we had a little visit before I got her halter. We repeated the process we went through on Tuesday. Grooming, walking with the halter, more grooming, riding, and more grooming before I turned her out. She was even more relaxed today but very responsive to my cues. I’m so happy to experience my own horse. To take the time to earn her trust and develop a bond. It’s so exciting to see our progress each time I see her. I love every moment with her. Whether it’s watching her over the fence, grooming her, or riding her. She is a total joy! I can’t believe she’s mine. I feel a bit like a new mom, gushing over my girl and excited for the future. Already looking forward to our lesson Tuesday! What a great first season we are going to have.

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