The further I venture into this wonderful world of horses, the more I’m amazed and inspired by the wonderful women who make it all happen. Every breeder, trainer, coach, farrier, clinician I’ve met so far. To my surprise All are women. They handle the heavy work and demanding schedules with grace and passion and an underlying strength seldom seen. And many do it all with their little children in tow. A baby on their back and toddler at their feet as they follow their passion while making a living and giving their children a life many could only dream of. These strong women, strong enough never to waver in their undying commitment to give their all to the life they love is truly inspiring. They display a kindness and sensitivity to these magnificent horses that allows them to achieve amazing feats. The bonds they create with their horses are created from a place of kindness and love and mutual respect rather than force and the results are beautiful.

I came across this piece I’d like to share:

After making the little girl, God said: “You’ll need something to lean on. Something with substance that will teach you the value of hard work, perseverance, and to never give up. A thing that won’t cast judgment when you mess up in life. Because you will often, it’s just part of growing up and becoming a decent human.” “You’ll need something whose impressive physical presence must be respected at all times. A being who could break your bones in a whisper but will never break your heart. A creature who will be there for you when you cry for hours after someone you love lets you down. An unspeaking breathing being that will teach you to check all the noise in your head and completely listen to what he is saying.” “Sometimes in life you need to let go and just hang on. I call this trust. The terrifying ability to follow something blindly out of the conviction of only your heart. It will keep you centered and restore your faith when life happens. When you realize that you are forgettable to the world you won’t be to this creature.” “Something that will keep you truly humbled yet teach you how to fly!” “You need to understand the painful reality of death. Sometimes it’s ok to let go. That kindness will always be rewarded before the use of force. And that courage means trusting him to get you safely to the other side.” “Something to get you out of bed in the trying times. When you feel like you have nothing he will remind you that you are still wanted. Something to give you perspective about what’s really important in life.” “You’ll need a best friend. Do not take this relationship lightly. It just might save your life someday when you see no out. Treasure it always I’m trusting it to you to take care of for a reason.” “A creature who will restore your faith about all of the goodness in the world even when you are so broken down that you cast Me aside.” “In turn with time and healing he will bring you back to Me. Know that your struggle won’t be made alone, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.” “So I will make a horse.” Credit to Lacey Messick

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