It was a gorgeous day today for a ride in the country! I got to take my lesson horse out for a trail ride on my own! I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m confident enough in both myself and him to go out on our own. She has a lovely place in the country to ride through the pasture and along trails that wind through the trees. It was exhilarating to head off alone. Just me and my horse. The sun shone brightly today and I could feel it’s warmth on my back as it danced and sparkled on the untouched snow. It was so quiet and peaceful. We strolled along at a comfortable pace just taking in the view and breathing in the crisp fresh air. We had the company of her four dogs running and frolicking in the snow alongside.

We found our way down past the outdoor arena and out into the open pasture. We followed one of the trails that was plowed as it wound its way down into the trees. It was so calm in there, sheltered from the breeze and a world away from anyone or anything. Once deep into the trees my horse perked his ears up and looked into the woods. “What do you hear buddy?” I asked him. He kept walking but glanced into the trees and had his ears perked listening intently into the trees. I could neither see nor hear anything out of the ordinary but he knew something was there. We walked along keeping one eye into the trees as we rounded the bend. Suddenly a deer jumped the bank, bounding across the trail in front of us. He bounced along for a few feet and bounded back into the woods. It was an awesome moment. He was so graceful and magnificent the way he bounced out of the woods and gracefully back into them to be quickly out of sight. After my moment of awe I was very grateful how my horse just took it all in stride. Of course HE knew the deer was there all along. He’s so much more attuned to his surroundings than I could ever hope to be. He’s a wonderful boy and I’ve grown very fond of him.

It was such a lovely day! I am content and grateful to bask in the glow of it until next time…already looking forward to it!!

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