Foiled again! A major winter storm blew in this weekend. I had to cancel my appointment to see another horse. Nothing like March on the prairies. When a winter storm hits it hits with a vengeance. There are blizzard conditions out there this morning. I’m struggling to be a grown up and have patience waiting and waiting for spring. My horse time is on hold until the weather improves. She won’t be hauling them to the indoor arena anymore, so we can only ride weather permitting. We won’t be back into a regular lesson program until May. I’ll be making up for lost time then. I’m so looking forward to those long gorgeous Canadian summer evenings when the sun doesn’t set until eleven at night. When the air is warm and fresh, with a slight breeze to rustle the leaves on the trees. I can’t imagine a better way to spend those long summer evenings than playing out in the country with the horses!

Meantime I’ve started skating again. If you can’t beat winter you might as well join it! We have a beautiful park not far from my house. The city cleans and floods the ice on a man made lake there. It’s just a fabulous place to skate. There’s a small island at the far end. It’s great to get out there on a nice winter day for some fresh air. I had forgotten how much I loved to skate. As a kid I figure skated for years. It felt great to lace up the skates again! Admittedly I’m pretty rusty but had to try a few moves. Backwards, crossovers, three turn and a really timid waltz jump. I never did master the spin but did the double spin with a friend of mine, from which we both emerged really dizzy! It was hilarious! I find it amazing how you can learn something as a kid and still do it after decades away from it. For those of us with kids it’s gratifying to realize that all of that running to activities with your kids during those insanely busy years is so worthwhile. It really is providing them lifelong interests and things they love to do. If the blizzard dissipates by tomorrow I’m hoping to get out for a skate tomorrow…fingers crossed!

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