The weather finally broke! It warmed up enough today to bring the horses in to ride at the indoor arena. It’s been a long four weeks! But wow did it feel good to be back in the saddle again! I got a little time with my lesson horse to brush him out and tack him up before our lesson. I can’t believe what a relaxing de stress process that is! I work full time and my job requires I constantly work to deadline. My time with the horses completely removes all work stress. During my time with them I’m entirely “In the moment”, without another thought or care in the world. I love their smell, their noises, how they perk their ears to catch every sound. Their big soft brown eyes. The gentleness they display even with their size. Their intelligence and intuitiveness. I’m always amazed by these beautiful animals!

Three of us rode tonight. It’s fun to have a few of us in the arena at the same time. Adds a little more challenge and I learn from watching the others too!

We had a little added excitement tonight when one of the ponies that was in training decided to bolt! He came flying up behind us startling my horse causing him to jump! It was over quickly but added a little adventure! I like having the occasional unpredictable incident to test me. And tonight I passed! I handled my horse and got him quickly under control. I calmly and confidently reacted as needed. It’s a huge sense of accomplishment considering where I started!

The time passed so quickly! All too soon it was time to cool them out and untack them. I so look forward to when I have one of my own and can take as much time with my horse as I wish.

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